The different colours of nipples.

King of Fruits

King of Fruits

I was driving past a number of little kedais and i just realised its DURIAN-FEST!!!!!! everyone can now get out and start bargaining for the best durian available.But no durian in Brunei can taste as good as the SINGAPORE D24.What was funny was that,this afternoon, my dad bought a couple of durians for my mom. She goes crazy when it comes to durian. And just now after i ate durian with my family, my dad made me wash my hands with durian water( rinse water on the durian fruit and wash your hands with the running water), they believe by doing so, your hands will not smell so bad. Also, drink water with salt, your mouth dont smell so bad either.LOL!! Its prolly these S’porean thing i dun really understand. I was told that my grandmother loves durian too and she serves it with rice. HOW SICK IS THAT!! and it seemed normal to them. I got a friend who serves mee goreng with rice! and another one eats mee goreng with bread!!! HOLY SHIT!!! i mean,me eating rice with just tomatoe sauce,ppl go YUCK! but comparing me to my friends … WAH LAOO!!! Oh yeah, back to my dad buying this afternoon.. so yeah! he bought quite alot, thinking to give a few here and there. So you know how durian smells.. good right:) so he kept the durians at his car boot,with the boot open. this malay haji came and asked if he was selling them.. well,telling you this is kinda boring,i dun feel the javibe.. but it was funny then:)

So yeah!! i had the most interesting conversation with my friends today during my Quantitative lecture this afternoon.. everything was working well today yoooo!!! i just scored a B for my Logic and Thinking and also, my project for that, lol,i did noting and my name was printed on my friend’s work(FREE RIDERRRR) but i did not do noting, i know what was going on and i did do something trying to figure out examples for it. SO YEAH!! i am not a typical free rider like my Bangla friend,Khairul.. he is the new ‘patrick‘ or to those who don’t know patrick, which i am not very surprised, he is someone who you can just pick on and he won’t hurt you because he is so cool and just fuck everything you say;) MISS YOU PAH-TWICKK!!!!

So my bangla friend, i have been calling him names from dark dick to dark nipples and just the other day, kai told me about the colour of our nips.. ok,if you’re chinese and the colour for it, i don’t know really, mine is pink and its really cute:) but if its dark, for me.. it shows the amount of dirt! so you need to scrub it. Well, i don’t know how true that is and i did my little nipple research,never seen so many nips in my life..(the last time was when i saw a bitch gave birth to my puppy Jim)

The truth is, i couldn’t find any site to support Kai’s idea of ‘dirt changing the colour of your nips’ unless you just had had a mud bath. But what i did found out was that our the circulation of our blood and the amount of colour pigments on your nips changes the colour!!well,there is more tho,like if your nipple turns green(WTF RIGHT) you’re sick[]. Also your race will also determined the colour of your nips and the rest of your body. LOl it will be so funny to find a white guy with Indian nips! HAHAHAHAH!! Well, everyone’s nipples but be different in terms of colour and size but what i do know is that when we are cold…FREEZING COLD!!! like the people in UK ATM!!! they might feeel…

My milkshake brings all the boys

So other than nips, we guys are alike girls! if you girls have a slumber party and when everything dies down, after washing and changing yourself.. ready to just chillax and talk till you sleeep, You might be very surprised that the conversations you girls have are not very different from guys. You girls talk about guys, we talk about girls and we all talk about sex. Well, i guess its very inappropriate to share what we talked about but during lecture now.

It seems like its going to rain again… till then TUT TUT!!!


~ by taka on November 3, 2008.

7 Responses to “The different colours of nipples.”

  1. OMG EATING RICE W TOMATO SAUCE SO HOTSEX MAN!!! my parents will be like WHAT THE FUCK hahahahaha when I put alot and keep mixing tomato sauce w the rice… it looks disgusting but so good! 🙂 I can also eat only rice w soya sauce and sesame oil… OMG SO HOTSEX LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MUST YOU CALL NIPPLE NIPS? You know there’s a freaking candy snack called Nips right? you’ve just fucked that image up for me… HAHAHAHAHA.

  2. LOLL!!! SORRRY LORR!!! YEAH MAN!! PANAS SEKS MAN!!!! LOL!! but mee goreng with rice… LOL!! i am accepting it!


  4. its panas seks ok!!!!


  6. lovely tits

  7. damn it’s cold here too

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